Please contact any of the CHR@USD committee members with questions or ideas regarding current or future events. You may also send an email to and your topic will be addressed by the committee. 

Name Ext. Department Group Email
Paul Aden 4318 Mail Center Staff
Lanee Battle Johnson 7455 Ctr for Inclusion & Diversity Staff
Niki Barrios 6641 Career Development Staff
Adriana Busalacchi 4862 Paralegal Program Admin
Cyndi Casillas 4520 President's Office Staff 
Mike Castronuovo 4524 Graduate Admissions Staff 
Tracy Cooney 2718 Human Resources Admin
Linda Coppa 6532 Athletic Development Staff
Kenny Eng 2539 Student Life Admin
Janet Engelman 2507 Athletics Administration Staff
Amanda Etter 5945 Military and Veteran Students Admin
Lisa Fernandes 4770 University Relations Staff
Amanda Ford (Co Chair) 2960 Naval ROTC Staff
Sierra Landaiche 2595 Facilities Management Staff
Jules Lepore 2297 School of Law Staff
Peter Marlow 7460 University Communications Admin
Roxanne Miranda 2700 Financial Aid Operations Staff
Devon Moraes 2631 CAS Dean's Office Staff
Miranda Nuevo 5958 Paralegal Program Staff
Liza Peterson-Gary 4167 Information Tech Services Admin
Carla Petticrew 4783 English Staff
Elaine Poeu-En 7475 SOLES Staff
Dijana Ristic 2742 Summer and Intersession Office Staff
Michelle Rohde 6619 Human Resources Admin
Trent Saiget 2700 One Stop Admin
Maria Sanchez 7410 Controller Admin 
Amanda Santomero 4780 PCE Staff
Nadeaja Shaheed (Co Chair) 4484 Provost Office Staff
Kimberly Smith 5902 PCE Staff
Melody Tran 2596 Facilities Management Staff
Andrew Van Der Hoek 4518 Parking Services Staff
Melissa Wehr 4031 School of Law Staff