Changemaker Student Committee

Changemaker Student Committee

What is the CSC?

The CSC is a group of students from all over campus who practice changemaking at USD by creating programs, initiatives and experiences to foster a community where social change thrives.

The CSC:

  • Represents the voice of USD’s student body
  • Sees changemaking as a practice and focus on co-creating a community with the entire campus
  • Strives to develop a stronger sense of belonging, a deeper collaboration between student entities and a stronger connection with each other

Examples of CSC initiatives:

  • My Story events - focused on featuring and embracing USD’s diversity while creating an opportunity to practice empathy and build community
  • Dinner with Strangers - an opportunity to discuss current hot topics and meet new people
  • What I be Project - a photo project developed by Steve Rosenfield providing an opportunity for the USD community to come together through vulnerability and courage. Check out some of this initiative's photos.

 The CSC meets every Tuesday at 1 pm in Student Life Pavilion 320. Come join us!

Changemaker Student fellows

A team of committed CSC members leading the efforts and planning of CSC initiatives. 

 Headshot of Student

Reijer Den Dulk

Changemaker Fellows Chair

A headshot of Emily Klaassen

Emily Klaassen

Launch Program Coordinator

A headshot of Bianca Dolan

Bianca Dolan

Launch Program Coordinator

A headshot of Kendahl Tyburski.

Erica Buyalos

Marketing Coordinator

A headshot of jayden DeArmas

Jayden De Armas

Changemaker Student Committee Coordinator

A headshot of Sienna george

Sienna George

Graduate Assistant