Welcome to USD: A Changemaker Campus!

What does that mean?

As a designated Changemaker Campus, USD is a part of Ashoka U, a worldwide network of universities focused on social change and innovation. The Changemaker Hub is a campus-wide manifestation of USD's mission and values, with the purpose of empowering and enabling everyone to be a changemaker. A main focus of the Hub is developing diverse opportunities for students to learn about themselves, to be inspired, and to practice changemaking

Why does it matter to you?

At USD, we believe that everyone can practice changemaking. We encourage you to commit to be in the service of addressing social issues that matter to you and explore new ideas that will have a positive social impact. "To be in the service of" means that we approach our changemaking pursuits with humility and that we understand that our efforts are linked to those who have pursued social justice in the past and those who will follow our own efforts.

What you will do while you are at USD to be in the service of an issue that matters to you? Whatever it is, we encourage you to work with other like-minded individuals to make a positive difference for your community and to leave a legacy and a path for others to follow.

How do you Dive In?

This website contains information on major events, programs, and deadlines that we designed this fall for you to jumpstart your changemaker journey. Check out the links below for popular ways to get involved as a student, and explore the rest of our website for even more opportunities.

A group of students at the Ashoka Exchange conference Changemaker Student Committee A group of students from all over campus who practice changemaking at USD by creating programs, initiatives and experiences to foster a community where social change thrives.
Social Change Corps Logo Social Change Corps The Social Change Corps (SCC) supports students wanting to explore changemaking opportunities by providing financial support and mentoring.
Students in front of a display on changemaking at Changemaker Fest Changemaker Fest The Changemaker FEST is a celebration of our Ashoka U Changemaker campus designation, an event dedicated to exploring, defining and putting social change into action.