Changemaker Challenge

The Changemaker Challenge is the Changemaker Hub’s annual idea competition that invites students to employ their imagination, grit, and passion for generating ideas to address a current social challenge or need proposed by leaders from the San Diego region. 

 Each year, the Changemaker Challenge selects an urgent challenge for the entire campus community to address. The urgent challenge of the 2020 Changemaker Challenge is addressing homelessness in San Diego

This year, the Changemaker Hub is partnering with two, diverse, local organizations working to address homelessness directly in the San Diego region.

Our community is invited to submit a two-minute video to showcase their idea. The top video entries will compete for a $5,000 in awards. People are invited to vote online for their favorite idea, and the number of votes each idea receives will determine its share of the pool. 

Visit the main Changemaker Challenge website to learn more about the 2020 partners, the various challenges they shared with us, and the programming for the Fall. 


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Learn from the Best

This playlist explores the issues related to this year's theme of addressing homelessness, Watching these TED Talks is a great place to begin to learn about how experts in the field are already addressing these issues in their own communities.

Just Read Events

goldent gate bridge in san francisco book cover

Each year, the USD community selects a USD "Just Read!" book inspired by a social justice theme. The 2020- 21 book of the year is Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America by Connor Dougherty to support the social justice theme of the year Addressing Homelessness Learn more.


Urgent Challenges Collective


The primary aim of the Urgent Challenges Collective, which is funded through a two-year strategic initiative grant from the University of San Diego, is to provide new opportunities for studying and addressing homelessness and food insecurity in our local community. The work of the Collective is inclusive of the entire campus community with a focus on four core areas: research projects, course development, community engagement, and advocacy initiatives/events.on, and housing.

Find more information about homelessness and food insecurity here 

Changemaker Challenge Judges 2020

Ready to submit your idea? The platform will be open by September 15, 2020