Sarina Chugani Molina


I have been raised in a family and tradition that emphasized the importance of service, and I am continuing that tradition in my work at USD. Throughout my life, I have been working in communities to serve the vulnerable and marginalized populations such as the homeless and neglected and abused children through a human values program for which I was certified in Japan, India, and the US. Most recently through the ILVI grant, I was given the opportunity to work with community partners to design an English language program for adults in the Linda Vista community, where our teacher candidates had an opportunity to teach language to support their adult learners to advocate for themselves within their communities. I chose to participate in this program to further my knowledge and skills in continuing to utilize my platform as a USD faculty member to support and integrate changemaking both within my coursework and my scholarly work in partnership with the larger USD community.

As a teacher educator, I am interested in developing a sense of critical consciousness in teachers. I want to avoid the catch phrase movements around the term ‘changemaking’ and dig deeply into what it means to have this critical, reflective, consciousness as a dispositional quality in a person, and more specifically in a teacher.  As I am working towards this end, I am also continually reflecting on my own personal transformation as I engage in meaningful projects that expand my sense of compassion and empathy as well as deepen my human responsibility to serving those in need.

I have had some experiences working both locally and globally around changemaking initiatives. Locally, I worked to develop an English language program for community members in the Linda Vista community at Montgomery school in partnership with the principal, the Linda Vista Kindergarten Readiness Network, CASA, and our TESOL program. I also participate regularly in feeding the homeless and in providing free medical screening camps in the North County San Diego area.  Internationally, I have worked with a non-profit organization on an initiative to develop an ideal village program to provide clean water, sustainable energy, health and wellness, vocational training and education to the poorest of the poor villages. My charge within this initiative was on considering technology as a tool for scaling quality educational initiates around the Indian subcontinent. As I continue to participate in these ‘changemaking’ initiatives, I have also begun to contribute to the research literature on the conceptualizations of 'agency' and 'advocacy' that may ignite, perhaps a thoughtful discussion around the theoretical underpinnings of 'changemaking.'


A Montgomery Community ESL program for Linda Vista that was supported by ILVI  A Montgomery Community ESL program for Linda Vista that was supported by ILVI