Eileen Fry-Bowers

My professional background includes nursing, law, and policy and I have spent nearly a decade teaching students from a number of disciplines at all levels about health policy. Although I have worked on "change" projects and I do bring that experience into the classroom, I joined the Changemaker Faculty Fellows program because I was looking for a more robust and innovative way to engage my students in seeking social change. Importantly, as a faculty member in the School of Nursing, I see this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance my own skill set while serving as a role model for nursing students at a time when "changemaking" is essential for improving the health and well-being of our communities. In addition, I teach graduate and doctoral students who will quickly step into positions of leadership in their organizations and communities upon graduation. I wish to instill in them a sense that they can, in fact, be a changemaker. I also see the USD Faculty Fellows Development program as an opportunity to explore ways in which nursing faculty can contribute to the change mission at USD.

As a relatively new faculty member at USD and new to the San Diego region, one of my goals in the program is to learn about and from colleagues regarding opportunities and challenges for changemaking within our local communities. Although I have some experience with changemaking in other communities, I recognize that there are local variations and I hope to learn how to take general skills and apply them based on local conditions. I am particularly interested in learning how to leverage public-private partnerships to create social change, and I would like to learn how to apply entrepreneurial principles in less traditional settings such as community health settings for the purposes of positively impacting health and well-being, particularly for children.

I have an eclectic academic and professional background that has allowed me to develop a unique perspective on a number of factors that influence the well-being of others. In particular, as a nurse, I have connected with others in a way that few are privileged to do. I deeply understand the implications of social and economic conditions for one's health and well-being. I believe my experiences in health care have instilled compassion and understanding of others, which I can share with others Faculty in the program who may not have had such intimate experiences.