Sarah Lyon

I may be an unusual candidate for the Changemaker Faculty Fellows Development program, as many people do not see an immediate connection between accounting and Changemaking. I wanted to join the program to challenge that idea and show students and the community that pursuing accounting as a profession and making a difference are not mutually exclusive. Learning how to integrate changemaking into my teaching, research, and service is a tremendous opportunity that I very excited to pursue.  


Building a connection with faculty from across the USD campus with similar passion for Changemaking is at the top of my list. One of my main interests in the program is learning more about how for-profit businesses are incorporating elements of changemaking into their business model, and how to better equip students with the skills they need to practice changemaking after graduation.


As an assistant faculty member in accounting and a USD alumni, I am very passionate about USD and very proud of our Changemaker designation. I am honored to represent the school of Business in the Changemaker Faculty Fellows Development Program.