Michael Goldfaden

I have worked at the University of San Diego School of Law for the past 3 years, teaching trial skills to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students. Much of the success that I have had has been through a consistent commitment to learning new ideas and teaching methods. I joined the Changemaker Faculty Fellows program to help me push past the status quo and bring new strategies to my students and fellow faculty members.


In addition to lecturing law students, I also serve as a coach for the school's national mock trial team. Much of what we do on a weekly basis is about balancing personalities and learning interpersonal skills. One of my goals in the program is to pursue any training or workshops surrounding team building and social-skill enhancements that can enhance changemaking.


I believe I bring a unique background in teaching at the law school and as a trial attorney. So much of what I have been doing for the last decade has been about reading people and teaching others how to act comfortably in uncomfortable situations. I have taken on leadership roles in the academic community and volunteer my time in excess of my obligations on a regular basis. I feel that these will all be useful attributes for my role in the Changemaker Faculty Fellows program.