Changemaker Faculty Fellows

The following faculty members are recognized as Changemaker Faculty Fellows because of their passion for innovative pedagogy in their respective fields, for their scholarship, and their commitment to co-develop the USD Changemaker Campus. The Changemaker Faculty Fellows hope to advocate for collaboration among students, faculty, and community members at USD, to increase dialogue and spread awareness about what it means to be a Changemaker Campus.

Every year, at the end of their fellowship, faculty share with the USD community what they learned in a TedTalk-style presentation. Check out the short video below to learn more about the 2018 cohort.


Headshot of Susannah Stern

Susannah Stern

Professor, Communication Studies

(619) 260-7814 
Maher Hall 264B

Headshot of Suzanne Walther

Suzanne Walther

Associate Professor, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

(619) 260-4787 
Shiley Ctr for Science & Techn 265

Headshot of Farrah Karapetian

Farrah Karapetian

Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Camino Hall 015

Headshot of Adriana Vamosiu

Adriana Vamosiu

Assistant Professor, Economics

(619) 260-4876 
Olin Hall 224

Headshot of Sara Esfahani

Sara Esfahani

Clinical Professor, Economics

Olin Hall 341

Headshot of Wenli Xiao

Wenli Xiao

Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences

(619) 260-2942 
Olin Hall 107

Headshot of Nydia C. Sanchez

Nydia C. Sanchez

Assistant Professor

(619) 260-8839
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 275C

Headshot of Juan F Roche

Juan F Roche 

Professor of Practice, Faculty Advisor Center for Peace and Commerce

(619) 260-4600 ext. 2004 
Kroc Institute for Peace & Jus 131

Headshot of Dov Fox

Dov Fox

Professor of Law; Director, Center for Health Law Policy & Bioethics

(619) 260-2279 
Warren Hall 139

Headshot of Jae Kim

Jae Kim

Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

(619) 260-7714 
Belanich Engineering Center 214

Headshot of Karen Hoyt

Sue Hoyt

Professor and Director, NP/ENP Programs

(619) 260-4521 
Beyster Institute for Nursing 215

Headshot of Linda Lane

Linda Lane

Professor-in-Residence, Trial Advocacy

(619) 260-4019 

Headshot of Vanjury Dozier

Vanjury Dozier

Assistant Professor, Education Librarian

(619) 260-4695 
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 234


headshot of Antonio Luque

Antonio Jimenez Luque

Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies 
(619) 260-4213
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 275B

Headshot of Dr Karp

David Karp

Professor and Director, Center for Restorative Justice 
(619) 260-4760
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 271B

headshot of Dr Campbell

Jason Campbell

Assistant Professor of Economics
(619) 260-4845
 Olin Hall 338

headshot of Dr Jez

Rebekka Jez

Assistant Professor  
(619) 260-4292
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 25

headshot of Dr Chapman

Marc Chapman

Assistant Professor, Integrated Engineering  
(619) 260-4144
Guadalupe Hall 102

headshot of Dr Barger

Mary Barger

Assistant Professor, Nursing 
(619) 260-7797
Hahn School of Nursing 231

headshot of Dr Gibbons

Melissa Gibbons

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering 
(619) 260-4600 ext. 4466
Belanich Engineering Center 324




headshot of Dr Croom

Simon Croom

Professor of Supply Chain Management 
(619) 260-2791
Alcala Park West - Coronado 211

headshot of Dr McCarty

Timothy McCarty

Assistant Professor, Political Science, and International Relation 
Kroc Institute for Peace & Jus 282

headshot of Dr Carmona

Victor Carmona

Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies 
(619) 260-4069
Maher Hall 297








Martha Adkins

Assistant Professor, Reference Librarian 
(619) 260-2592
University Modular Offices #1 100L


Alison Sanchez

Alison Sanchez 

Assistant Professor, Economics
(619) 260-4851
Olin Hall 333


Candice Price

Candice Price

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-2984
Serra Hall 157

Diana Chen

Diana Chen

Assistant Professor, Integrated Engineering
(619) 260-4622
Guadalupe Hall 111

Bryan Cornwall

Bryan Cornwall

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
(619) 260-4600 ext. 4909
BEC 108

Florencia Lebensohn

Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo 

Assistant Professor
(619) 260-4600 ext. 2462
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 215E

Jena Hales

Jena Hales  

Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences
(619) 260-4509
Serra Hall 122

Jonathan Bowman

Jonathan Bowman

Professor, Communication Studies
(619) 260-6878
Camino Hall 121


Kristopher Hall

Kristopher Hall   

Assistant Professor
(619) 260-4600 ext. 2680
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 215H

Martha Fuller

Martha Grant Fuller 

Associate Professor
(619) 260-4562 
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 215H

Mary Durkin

Mary Durkin

Assistant Professor, Accounting
(619) 260-4704
Olin Hall 209

Philip Gamaghelyan

Philip Gamaghelyan

Assistant Professor
(619) 260-7918
Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice 128

Ryan Ratcliff

Ryan Ratcliff 

Associate Professor, Economics
(619) 260-7560
Olin Hall 316



Choi-Fitzpatrick Headshot

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick 

Associate Professor
(619) 260-7948
Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice 124


Divya Sitaraman 

Assistant Professor 
(619) 260-2937
Serra Hall 105


Christopher Carter

Assistant Professor 
(619) 260-4052
Maher Hall 256


Kate DeConinck

Teaching Professor 
(619) 260-4055
Maher Hall 289


Andrea Flynn

Associate Professor 
(619) 260-2377
Olin Hall 213


Justine Rapp

Associate Professor 
(619) 260-2989
Olin Hall 106


Sarah Lyon

Assistant Professor 
(619) 260-4849
Olin Hall 206


Christopher Newman

Associate Professor 
(619) 260-8896
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 275D


Marcus Lam

Assistant Professor 
(619) 260-4600 ext. 4366
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 275B


Eileen Fry-Bowers

Associate Professor 
(619) 260-2964
Hahn School of Nursing 216


Joel Alejandro (Alex) Mejia

Assistant Professor 
(619) 260-7668
Guadalupe Hall 108


Michael Goldfaden

Adjunct Professor 



Emilie Amrein

Emilie Amrein

Assistant Professor, Choral Studies
(619) 260-4111
Camino Hall 144A

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Associate Professor
(619) 260-7948
Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice 124

Andrea Godfrey Flynn

Andrea Godfrey Flynn

Associate Professor of Marketing
(619) 260-2377
Olin Hall 107

Gordon Hoople

Gordon Hoople

Assistant Professor, General Engineering
(619) 260-2753

Aarti Ivanic

Aarti Ivanic

Associate Professor of Marketing
(619) 260-4868
Olin Hall 239

Lisa Nunn

Lisa Nunn

Associate Professor, Sociology
(619) 260-7427
Serra Hall 220

Mary Sue Lowery

Mary Sue Lowery

Professor, Biology
(619) 260-4028
Shiley Center 482

Reyes Quezada

Reyes Quezada

Professor, Learning and Teaching
(619) 260-47453
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 247


Leeva Chung

Leeva Chung

Professor, Communication Studies
(619) 260-5966
Camino Hall 126F

Dr. Chung is a distinguished Changemaker faculty champion through her work establishing the San Diego Asian Film Festival and pairing her students with real-life situations that impact the greater community.

Learn more about Dr. Chung's changemaking work, or read her full bio.

Kokila Doshi

Kokila Doshi

Professor of Economics
(619) 260-4843
Olin Hall 110

Professor Doshi strives to be a Changemaker by proposing ways in which corporations can step in and scale their innovations to reach and enrich underserved populations at the base of the pyramid. 

Learn more about Dr. Doshi's changemaking work, or read her full bio.

Frank Jacobitz

Frank Jacobitz

Chair and Professor, Mechanical Engineering
(619) 260-7820
Loma Hall 325

To Mechanical Engineering Professor Frank Jacobitz, changemaking is much more than a one-way interaction. For him, feedback from the receiving end of change is crucial for the overall success of a project. 

Learn more about Dr. Jacobitz's changemaking work, or read his full bio.

Ian Martin

Ian Martin

Associate Professor
(619) 260-7612
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 229

By teaching both future and current counselors innovative lessons and curriculum, Dr. Martin is building a changemaking mentality through all students of his lessons.

Learn more about Dr. Martin's changemaking work, or read his full bio.

Jesse Mills

Jesse Mills

Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
(619) 260-7740
Maher Hall 204

Professor Mills believes that for change to be successful, it must start from the bottom, stay grounded in the bottom, and work its way up. 

Learn more about Dr. Mills's changemaking work, or read his full bio.

Jesse Mills

Jennifer Mueller

Associate Professor of Management
(619) 260-4861
Olin Hall 114

In Professor Mueller’s view, the mentality of accepting a redefinition of creativity can be most beneficial for businesses because situations involving problem solving and creative idea construction occur often in the business environment.

Learn more about Dr. Mueller's changemaking work, or read her full bio.

Necla Tschirgi

Necla Tschirgi

Distinguished Professor, Human Security and Peacebuilding
(619) 260-7912
Kroc Inst for Peace & Justice 125

At the Kroc School, students enrolled in Professor Tschirgi’s classes not only learn about global problems, but also they are encouraged to question their own society and seek out ways they can make a difference in their community and beyond.

Learn more about Dr. Tschirgi's changemaking work, or read her full bio.