Andrea Flynn

Since joining the University of San Diego in 2012, I have been very inspired and motivated by the university's commitment to its designation as a Changemaker campus. Prior to joining USD, I admittedly spent little time considering how my work could have broader positive social impact. Over the past five years, however, I have become extremely interested in discovering how I can bring more meaning to my professional and personal life.

As a Changemaker Faculty Fellow, I aim to invest much deeper thought into how I can integrate changemaking into my work. I want to serve as an example for my colleagues and students in the School of Business as to how we can incorporate changemaking into our lives. 

As a Faculty Fellow, I am learning about and developing concrete and actionable ideas for integrating changemaking into my research, teaching, and service activities. With respect to research, I have a strong desire to develop a research program that examines how marketing (my academic discipline) can better serve aging consumers. In particular, I am interested in studying how to mitigate the negative impact on aging consumers when firms engage in opportunistic or deceptive marketing practices. I hope to build on some of my previous research that investigated how health care service providers can better manage relationships with vulnerable consumers such as those dealing with chronic diseases and, specifically, with cancer.

With respect to teaching, I am working on adapting my Services Marketing class to incorporate changemaking. I taught this class for the first time in Spring 2017 and engaged in some design thinking exercises with the students. Based on the positive student feedback on those exercises, I am learning how to more effectively harness this process for impactful change. Design thinking continues to grow in prevalence in service management and I want to apply this process to help students become innovative service providers, especially in terms of social innovation. As such, the opportunity to participate in the design thinking elements of the program are especially exciting to me.

With respect to service, I am determining how I can best focus my activities toward roles that have a positive social impact in the San Diego community. At this point in my career, I feel that I am in a position to dedicate increasing time to my service activities but I want to be discerning in terms of where and how I dedicate that time. I am very interested in learning about what things to consider when choosing an organization to which I can dedicate my service efforts. This year I am dedicating additional time to LEARNING about being a changemaker - through the Changemaker Faculty Fellows Development Program - so that in the years to come, I can dedicate additional time to ACTING as a changemaker in our local community.