Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Changemaker Hub fosters a university-wide ecosystem that strengthens the collective capacity of our students, faculty, staff and community partners to address humanity’s most urgent challenges through meaningful, sustainable, and innovative collaborations in order to advance USD’s mission.

Our Vision

The Changemaker Hub envisions a campus that consists of students, faculty, staff, and community partners who practice changemaking in a way that utilizes their learning, skills and values to actively pursue a more just, sustainable, and equitable world.

The Practice of Changemaking


 Practice of Changemaking Graphic- 1- Self Awareness  The practice of changemaking involves a process of self-discovery that includes identifying one’s values and beliefs, understanding one’s privilege, and developing empathy for others so that we can engage mindfully and responsibly in social change.  2- Learning & Action  The practice of changemaking involves the co-creation of knowledge through engaging faculty, students, staff, and community partners in deepening our understanding of social issues so that we can generate and implement innovative and effective ways of addressing these issues.  3- Collective Impact   The practice of changemaking involves equitable and inclusive collaborations between academic disciplines and units as well as with private and social sectors so that we can have a positive and sustainable collective impact in our community.


At USD, we believe that everyone can practice changemaking. We encourage our community to commit themselves to engage in addressing humanity’s most urgent challenges with humility and with the understanding that our efforts are linked to those who have pursued social justice in the past and those who will follow our own efforts.