Center for Ethics, Economics and Public Policy

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The Center for Ethics, Economics and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary center that promotes research and education about the institutional and moral framework of a free society.

We can't make the world more free and more just until we know what freedom and justice really mean. Philosophy can help us do that. And we can't create such a world without knowing which policies actually work, and which ones don't. Economics and political science can help us with that. 

The Center for Ethics, Economics and Public Policy brings together these disciplines to help students, faculty and the public better understand important issues of public policy. The center is committed to fostering open dialogue among a wide range of competing viewpoints, and to fostering the skills of critical thinking and independent thought necessary for the development of a free and responsible citizenry.

2017-18 Annual Report

About the Director

Matt Zwolinski is professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego, where he has taught since 2003. The author of more than thirty academic articles, Professor Zwolinski has a longstanding interest in questions at the intersection of ethics, economics and public policy.

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