Teaching Resources

COVID-19 Remote Teaching Faculty Information & Resources

The Center for Educational Excellence is dedicated to providing faculty with support and resources regarding effective remote pedagogy as USD makes the transition from in-person to remote teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a list of CEE resources for your reference. For additional resources related to Zoom, Blackboard, and IT, please visit the Technology Tools for Remote Work & Teaching webpage. If you would like to speak with one of our staff, please email us at cee@sandiego.edu. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!

  • To help increase access and to ease the transition to remote teaching, the CEE is offering to reimburse purchases of remote teaching tools (up to $100 per person). These funds are supplemental to your departmental funds. Please use your department's funds first before requesting CEE reimbursement. CEE can reimburse items such as whiteboards, markers, small webcams, styluses, books etc. CEE is not able to purchase large items such as tablets or other computers. Please reach out to your dean to request access to these devices.
  • CEE has created a Remote Teaching Resource Board, a dedicated platform for faculty to collaborate on pedagogical resources during this transition. Example resources include tips and strategies for creating an accessible and inclusive remote learning environment, as well as discounts and free access to learning platforms such as EthicsGames and WileyPLUS, Pearson, Magna and more!
  • CEE is accepting reservations for faculty to use the office (Camino Hall 1F)for faculty prep and/or record course sessions. Please email cee@sandiego.edu to reserve a time.