Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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For those interested in becoming more productive and maintaining motivation to write, the CEE has organized multi-disciplinary scholarship of teaching and learning writing group. Participants in writing groups have been shown in the literature to publish at higher rates than those academics who do not participate (McGrail et al, 2006). In this day and age of "publish or perish", joining a writing group could be just what you need to keep you productive and motivated. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Receiving constructive feedback on your writing from interested peers
  • It's an incentive to get some writing done before the next meeting
  • Talking to other academics going through the same process
  • Writing can be a solitary, isolating process, but writing groups combat this
  • Writing groups provide commentary, deadlines and accountability

For the 2020-21 academic year, due to COVID-19, we are pausing our SOTL writing group until further notice. 

SoTL Resources

Additional SoTL resources can be found on the CEE Blackboard Organization. If you currently don't have access to the organization, contact us today at and we would be happy to add you.