Inclusive Education Series (IES)

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In line with the CEE mission to provide programs to create a diverse and inclusive community, the CEE partners with the Center for Inclusion and Diversity to create the Inclusive Education Series (IES). IES is a monthly series of workshops dealing with including and diversity in the classroom, including topics such as social justice, race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, native students, intersectionality, universal design learning, disability, and veteran students.

In 2018-2019, the series includes the following workshops:

  • UDL: What is it and how do I incorporate it into my teaching?
  • Travel Grant: Passion Driven Statistics
  • Multilingualism, Language Difference, and Inequity: Understanding and Teaching Non-Native Speakers of English
  • Microaggressions and Microaffirmations: Lessen the Racial Divide to Create an Inclusive and Civil Campus Community

 Please see our Upcoming Events page for future IES events.