Course & Syllabus Design

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Before the start of every semester the CEE holds Course Design Basics and Syllabus Essentials workshops to help faculty get ready for the upcoming semester.  Drop-in Clinics before and after these workshops allow faculty to continue these conversations and get advice from CEE staff.

The Course Design workshop is a hands-on session that helps faculty to explore issues such as how to create interesting assignments, how their course assignments align with learning outcomes, and how the course aligns with program learning outcomes. Faculty can work on their own course and discuss with others to get new ideas.

The Syllabus Essentials workshop covers how to create an interesting and engaging syllabus that makes your expectations clear and outlines both the students’ and your responsibilities.  The tone of a syllabus can help facilitate a positive learning environment, which can be accomplished along with content such as a course schedule and descriptions of course and university policies.  At the workshop faculty can work on improving their existing syllabi or start fresh on a new syllabus.

Stay tuned for our next series of workshops!