Communities of Practice


Person meeting with colleagues via Zoom

Communities of Practice are small faculty groups designed for colleagues across disciplines to discuss, brainstorm, learn and share ideas around specific topics connected to in-person, hybrid, and remote teaching. 

This past summer, the CEE held 8 communities of practice to help faculty prepare for fall 2020. The topics we offered were: 

  • Authentic Assessments: Fewer Exams and More Deep Learning 
  • Engaging Discussion Strategies
  • Multi-hour Class Blocks: Breaking Things Up
  • Group Work in Remote and Hybrid Classes
  • Student Motivation in the Remote Classroom
  • Collaborative Online International Learning
  • Mastery-Based Grading
  • Teaching on Racial Justice - You can still sign up to join this community here!

Stay tuned for upcoming communities for fall 2020. If you have a topic that you would like to suggest, please send us an email at