A Little Bit of Teaching

Encouraging impromptu teaching and mentoring

icons of hiking, coffee, film, gears, chat bubbles, and books

**Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are asking faculty to only take part in this program virtually!**

We know that faculty are whole people with whole lives, and we recognize that mentoring and idea-sharing sometimes happens spontaneously throughout our week. The CEE wants to honor those exchanges. A Little Bit of Teaching is a program that is rooted in relationship building among colleagues and more in tune with people's busy lives.

When you share a little bit of teaching (syllabus ideas, how you handled a difficult student, grading innovations, favorite in-class activities)---over coffee (virtually), at happy hour (virtually), or on a hike in the canyon (observing physical distancing and use of masks), we will pick up the bill (well…part of the bill).

Here's how to participate:

  1.  Put together a gathering or talk a little bit of teaching spontaneously in your conversation/activity.
  2.  Take a group selfie (Zoom screenshot or physical distanced selfie) and share a sentence about the teaching or mentoring ideas you shared.
  3.  Take a photo of the receipt (food receipts, parking pass receipts, etc.), email us and we will give you an automatic reimbursement of $6.00 per person.

Reach out in advance to the CEE and we can buy books for your book club or dinner for your film screening or some other great idea you come up with. Just let us know how it contributes to your teaching and professional development.

For any questions, please contact the CEE at cee@sandiego.edu