USD Just Read! Faculty Highlight

USD Just Read! Faculty Highlight - Leeva Chung, Professor, Communication Studies

Water You Doing Leeva Chung? 

Leeva Chung

Why does Leeva Chung, Director of LLC and professor in the Department of Communications, refer to herself as a “walking violation”? With no predictability about what she does and as a rule-breaker advocating for her students to be authentic, Chung veers from conventional lectures and instead integrates interactive learning experiences. Through Just Read, she addresses an important global topic: water conservation. Her concern for water started when she lived in San Francisco where the city is affected immensely by the drought during the seventies. The need for water conservation eventually spread its way into the classroom, creating a future-generation impact. What kind of impact can be made? Where to start? Dr. Chung believes that the LLC would be an important factor in leading the change. Beginning with her freshmen class, the students chose the theme of globalization as an issue to focus on. Professor Chung makes this course a more digestible interaction with a unique dinner dialogue as a part of the classroom setting. Three words that would intrigue any college student? Eating, talking, and karaoke. Here, the author of the class book will interact and discuss with the students, providing a more hands on experience. Hosted by LLC, Just Read gives the students a chance to discuss Karen Piper's book, The Price of Thirst, and interact with the author who is leading the way in water conservation education. By molding Chung’s classroom into a meaningful environment, students aren’t just learning from a textbook, but delving into important global issues. Creating an awareness and  to leave her students conscious of their behaviors is Chung’s goal.“Give without remembering and take without forgetting”: advice Chung received from her father, making this her mantra to  her students.