Highlighting Adjunct Faculty

University of San Diego Architecture

Here we are at the top of 2017 and walking around chilly on the beautiful University of San Diego campus. For some of us this is the first semester joining the USD community as adjunct faculty. Do you remember the first time you experienced spring on our hill? 

I asked adjunct colleagues from across the College and Schools to reflect on their 1st impressions of our campus, our classrooms and our community. Below are some of their memories and reflections.

Upon seeing the view from the west end of campus:

What a view! I had lived in San Diego for 6 years and had no idea that this was here!

Excellent sight, comparable to the one from the La Jolla Country Club.

We all need to take more visits to the edges of campus where our minds can expand and our breath can deepen.

We host world-class special events and guest speakers:

Amazing experience to be in the Dalai Lama’s presence. He was so easy-natured and I was sitting only a few rows away from him. It seemed at times that he was in my own living room and we were sharing our visit with hundreds of our closest friends.

I’ve learned that when the ticket announcement is emailed, to rsvp and reserve my ticket right away. I missed one of my favorite authors because I thought I could wait till I got back to my office to buy my tickets.

Personal learning never stops.

Spending time outside of class with faculty and students beyond your own department:

There are such interesting people on this campus, our backgrounds are fascinatingly diverse and yet we have all converged here in a shared purpose.

I first came to USD on an invitation to discuss/perform spoken-word at Deniz Perin's poetry class. Afterwards, she treated me to a coffee at Aroma's. As we walked from Camino, a minimum of 10 students conversed with her. I thought, “What a cool, intimate place to teach!” Who knew I'd be teaching her two years later!

I am delighted every time I step on campus. The buildings, the greenery, the food at La Gran Terrazza, the friendliness of faculty and staff and my wonderful, beautiful students. Love them all! 

Guidance to a newcomer to USD:

Take advantage of the option in Banner to see pictures of your students on your class list to begin to put faces and names together.

If you can, get to campus early enough to walk to one of the gardens and enjoy the landscaping. We have incredible facility grounds keepers who make each garden bloom with something special every month.

Ask anyone what his or her favorite meal is. There are culinary favs by the chefs [at each of the food venues] like Mickey’s BBQ at Bert’s, the sweet crepes at Aroma’s, the hot breakfasts at La Paloma and definitely don’t miss the cucumber-lemonade at La Gran Terrazza.

Utilize the CEE for its resources and workshops. (Shameless plug) They are put together to encourage academic confidence and strengthen our mission for high standards of pedagogy.

Come to the faculty mixers. It’s an easy way to start to feel connected.

What thoughts about teaching at USD give you a boost?

It’s a blessing.

I am encouraged to make my classes innovative. How cool is that?!

The opportunity to interact with and positively influence sharp young minds is priceless.

We at the CEE welcome you all back to our shared halls and extend a first greeting to new faculty who are helping us create our diverse and inclusive community. With the beginning of classes comes the inevitable onslaught of meetings, class preps, office hours, and student-driven research and projects. In this new semester, when you need instructional support and /or curricular exploration feel free to visit us in Camino 1F or email us at cee@sandiego.edu  or adjunctvoice@sandiego.edu