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The University of San Diego is devoted to celebrating the changing experience of higher education in the 21st century and the Center for Educational Excellence supports educators through grants, curriculum development and course design, teaching platforms, community-building activities and events, workshops and literature. Throughout the year, we interview professors from USD who are transformng the teaching and learning experience.

Featured Interview: Dr. Adam Boocher and Dr. Amy Buchmann, Assistant Professors of Mathematics

Picture of professors Adam Boocher and Amy Buchmann

Interviewed and written by Fayth Fowler, CEE Student Visual Media Assistant - October 9th, 2019

Dr. Boocher and Dr. Buchmann are here to talk about one of mathematics professors’ trickiest problems: engagement in the classroom. They help tackle this common issue by integrating ideas from Project NExT, a professional development program for junior faculty. They are motivated to make their classroom environment full of encouragement, purpose, and growth for their students through their passion to help students feel comfortable within the classroom. Read full article here.