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The University of San Diego is devoted to celebrating the changing experience of higher education in the 21st century and the Center for Educational Excellence supports educators through grants, curriculum development and course design, teaching platforms, community-building activities and events, workshops and literature. In our monthly newsletter, we introduce professors from USD who are transformng the way students interact with rigorous fields of study.

Featured Interview: Dr. Drew Talley, Associate Professor

Victoria RodriguezInterview by Nadia Nguyen, Sophomore, Communication Studies

One of the many great things about teaching at USD is the focus on small class size, hands-on experience, and a dedication to caring for students in a holistic way. I usually start the semester trying to find out more about my students — where are they from? What is there experience with the course topic? I also try to share with them aspects of my own life. Students often have a cartoonish view of professors, and “humanizing” us makes them more likely to view us as allies in their efforts to master the course material. Read the full interview here.