About the CEE

USD's primary resource for pedagogical development


Mission Statement

The Center for Educational Excellence is dedicated to inspiring educators to adopt practices that lead to meaningful student learning; enhance the success of interactions between teachers and learners; and cultivate relationships among our community of educators.


  • We believe that it is imperative to anchor our work in a commitment to equity in all its forms, recognizing the ever-evolving nature of injustice.
  • We believe that meaningful student learning is best realized through teaching that is grounded in evidence-based practices. 
  • We believe that inspiring growth in teaching includes paying attention to holistic wellbeing and balance among professional demands such as scholarship and service.
  • We believe that affirming the dignity of the student through inclusive practices is critical to successful interactions between teachers and learners.
  • We believe that growth, exploration, and innovation in teaching happens best through a reflective process.
  • We believe that fostering a campus culture that values teaching includes rewarding and recognizing faculty efforts. 
  • We believe that cross-disciplinary interactions spark creativity, collaboration, and meaningful relationships.