Faculty Programs

Faculty in New York Faculty at Ellis Island Museum, New York January 2020
Begin quote "The experience of working and sharing the [Faculty Travel Immersion Seminar] with my USD colleagues was a highlight. This trip created fellowship amongst a very diverse group of individuals and I will always be grateful for that." – Evelyn Diaz Cruz, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, 2011 CCTC Travel Seminar participant

All of the work of the CCTC in its entirety is of relevance to the ongoing careers and development of USD Faculty. Through its programs and events the Center helps Faculty engage with myriad aspects of the Catholic intellectual, cultural and social traditions. On this page you will find links to specific initiatives and programs that are specifically targeted at Faculty and aimed toward enhancing the knowledge and understanding of Faculty vis-à-vis Catholic Thought and Culture and contributing to their ongoing development at USD and so, in turn, enhancing their contributions to the mission and life of the USD Community as a 21st Century Catholic University.