Future of Faith Series

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The Future of Faith Series was comprised of three events in 2019-2020 at the University of San Diego as we envision together what it means to be full, active, participating members of the Catholic Church community and to share our gifts with the Church and world. We are especially interested in bringing voices into this dialogue who are not often represented and heard from in other Church spaces.

The planning committee is now moving on to crafting a final report and considering "next steps." 

If you wish to stay involved with this issue and be added to our mailing list, please contact us at cctc@sandiego.edu. If you wish to tell your story in writing, please submit it here. We will not publish your story without your permission. Thank you for your participation in this exciting opportunity to share and connect with others. 


Our primary goal is for each participant to leave each event feeling more connected and energized as we creatively envision a future church in which all of us are empowered by our baptism to be co-responsible partners in the mission of the church.

We will compile our recommendations into a report and provide them to the Bishop in 2020.  We will also develop a "playbook" for other Catholic universities to engage their local diocese into similar discussions. 

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Our first event was held on November 4, 2019: Sharing Our Gifts as Women: Towards a Participatory and Co-Responsible Church. Please click here for images from this event. 

Women have always been part of the Catholic Church, and our voices are needed now more than ever. We invite all Catholic women in the diocese to join us for an evening of facilitated discussion to share our stories of faith and construct a vision of what it would look like to be co-responsible leaders in our local communities of faith.

Our second event was held on January 26, 2020, 2-6 p.m.: Sharing Our Gifts as Youth: Towards a Participatory and Co-Responsible Church, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Room ABCD

Youth are not only the future of the church, youth are active members of our faith community now. Youth voices matter! This weekend event will bring together high school youth – to speak to their relationship to the Church now and how they would want to be engaged in the future. This fun gathering will build on the current synod process and foster leadership development and faith formation for Catholic teenagers in our area. Using multiple media including visual art, music, spoken word poetry, and other forms, participants will co-create pieces that symbolize their witness and contribution to the Church community.  

Our third event was held on Nov. 16, 2020, 6:30-8:00 pm PST, via Zoom: SHARING OUR GIFTS TOGETHER:Towards a Participatory and Co-Responsible Church

All are welcome for an intergenerational online gathering to discuss the experiences of women in the Church. We are excited to share the artifacts from our November 2019 and January 2020 events! The third event welcomes all for an intergenerational discussion of women's experiences in the Church, and provides a space for spiritual reflection on women’s contributions from the past, present, and future. Please join us as we creatively envision new ways of working together as a Church community to be co-responsible for a future in which all of us can participate fully.


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