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Insights from the University of San Diego’s Hahn School of Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty; CCTC Sponsored Seminar Opens a New Area of Inquiry for Two School of Nursing Faculty

In January of this year, Susan Instone and Mary-Rose Mueller, from the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science, spent a week in Rome attending the inaugural International Faculty Development Seminar on Catholic Health Care and Health Care Ethics sponsored by the Center for Catholic Thought and Culture. Along with other colleagues from nursing, chemistry, and psychology, and under the leadership of Brian Johnstone, Ph.D., they examined many of the Church’s positions on several controversial topics, including the human genome project, bio-engineering, end of life care, and recent developments in reproductive technologies through seminars, informal discussion, and tours of historical sites in and around Rome.

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Prior to the seminar, Mueller and Instone were preparing to conduct a qualitative investigation about the reproductive health decisions of HIV+ Latinas living on the U.S.–Mexico border, since rates of HIV infection are high among these women, especially those of child-bearing age, and no research to-date had been published on this topic. They assumed that the majority of the Latinas they would recruit for their study would be Catholic, but until the seminar, they had not considered the role that religious beliefs might play in their decisions, nor did they feel quite prepared to ask them about such a sensitive issue. The seminar experience launched a preliminary understanding about this topic, laying the foundation for the development of their manuscript, “Religious influences on the reproductive health decisions of HIV+ Latinas on the border.”  Their article was recently published in the Journal of Religion and Health. The full text can be accessed at:

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