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Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Program is based on the belief that nursing is a science, that nurse scholars must receive preparation at this level to develop as scientists, and that the preparation of nurse scientists is best accomplished in a milieu in which faculty and students participate in a partnership of inquiry.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Program is designed to prepare beginning level nurse scientists who think critically, conduct research, and serve as investigators and collaborators on research teams. Graduates of this program develop leadership skills to influence health policy and promote social justice at local, national, and global levels.

Program Overview

To achieve expertise as beginning level nurse scientists, students are educated and socialized for their roles both didactically through course work, seminars, and tutorials, and experientially through research assistantships, collaboration with faculty mentors, and independent research. Students receive a strong foundation in scientific inquiry with a focus on a clinically relevant area for scholarship and research. The program requires a minimum of 48 units of course work. Required courses primarily focus on nursing science and research. Students select 12-15 units of emphasis courses to support the focus or design of their dissertation. The program offers a concentration in clinical nursing research, executive leadership, or knowledge transmission of the discipline of nursing. Six units per semester is considered full time enrollment, with additional offerings in the intersession and summer session. The PhD degree may be completed in 3-4 years.

General Regulations

1. Residency Requirement
Students must fulfill this requirement by enrolling in:
a) 12 units of on-campus doctoral coursework during a 12- month period, OR
b) 6 units of on-campus doctoral coursework during each of two consecutive Summer sessions.

2. Transfer of Credit
(See also Transfer of Graduate Credit) Students may transfer up to 12 units of post-master’s work with approval. Extension credit is not transferable.

3. Admission to Candidacy
Admission to candidacy (not equivalent to admission to the program) is achieved when the student has an approved dissertation proposal.

4. Time Limit
Candidates are allowed a maximum of five years between their admission to candidacy and completion of their dissertation.

Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program of Study

The program of study includes a minimum of 48 units of post-master’s coursework that include 12 units for the dissertation. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in degree courses is required.

Note: The PhD program currently is being refined. Modifications may be made in the future. Please refer to the Program Handbook and website.

I. Core Component (9 units)
Designed to develop analytical abilities and provide the knowledge base and skills requisite to the development of the nurse scholar.

PHDN 601 Philosophy of Science in Nursing (3)
PHDN 602 Theory Development in Nursing (3)
PHDN 648 Health Policy in Nursing (3)

II. Research Component (15-18 units)
Designed to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement a program of research.

PHDN 607 Applied Statistics & Quantitative Research Methods (3)
PHDN 608 Applications of Multivariate Statistics (3)
PHDN 670 Quantitative Designs in Research (3)
PHDN 677 Advanced Quantitative Designs in Research (3)
PHDN 673 Introduction to Qualitative Research: Background, Processes, and Approaches (3)
PHDN 676 The Practice of Qualitative Research (3)*
*Required for dissertation students using qualitative research methods

III. Area of Emphasis (9-12 units)
Three graduate courses selected by the student and adviser, related to the student’s specific research topic.

Dissertation students using quantitative research methods have the option of an additional emphasis course

IV. Dissertation Component (12 units minimum)

PHDN 650-655 Nursing Research Seminar (7)
PHDN 695 Dissertation (5)

The presentation of the proposal and dissertation findings are required. After the completion of 5 units of PHDN 695 and 7 units of PHDN 650- 655, candidates must continue to register for PHDN 695 (1 unit) and PHDN 655 (1 Unit) each semester to maintain candidacy until the dissertation is completed. See the Doctoral Student Handbook for guidelines on producing the dissertation.

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