Online Consulting

Writing Center consultant working on laptop

Online appointments are only available to students enrolled in online degrees and programs at USD.

All other students are welcome to book appointments in person at the Writing Center.

User Guidelines

All students interested in booking an online consultation are asked to please first read our Online Consulting Policies and Procedures.

Once students have reviewed the policies and procedures, students are asked to email the USD Writing Center to verify their attendance in USD online degrees and programs, via the email and provide the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Student ID
  3. Name of USD affiliated online program that the student writer is attending

To complete the appointment request:

Upon verification students will be contacted by a staff member of the Writing Center who will begin the process of scheduling an online consulting session.

*PLEASE NOTE: If all online consulting appointments have been filled for that week, you may request to be notified when the next appointment becomes available.

Once contacted by the USD Writing Center, students are asked to promptly respond via email with a description of their consulting needs and attach a copy of the online consulting submission form as well as the document they would like consultation on.

Students are encouraged to use the following rubric to best describe the consulting needs:

  1. Description of assignment including any prompts given
  2. Description of most pressing concern(s) with the assignment
  3. ATTACHED FILE: Completed Online Consultant Submission Form
  4. ATTACHED FILE: Student’s Document sent as a .docx file