For Faculty

We are here to promote the writing process and motivate students to grow as critical thinkers and writers. We invite you to encourage your students to come to the USD Writing Center.

We would like to work closely with faculty to provide the best possible service to the USD community. We offer class visits and in-class workshops to familiarize students with our services and resources. We have a collection of writing guidelines to help students and tutors better understand the assignments at hand, or we can work with a prompt that you have written.

Begin quote The USD Faculty is as integral a part as a key to a door, for professors are the entry way to a student’s creativity, passion, and success.

Class Visits

At the beginning of each semester, the USD Writing Center offers brief in-class presentations. These class visits are conducted by experienced tutors and take five minutes at the start of class. The visits are designed to introduce students to and inform them about our services. Tutors review the Center’s philosophy and resources and offer a comprehensive overview of the nature of the sessions and Center policies. Tutors come prepared with bookmarks that outline the hours of operation and our contact information. At this time, tutors can answer any questions that students or faculty may have.

How to Request a Class Visit

Deborah Sundmacher the Faculty Director, sends out an email before the start of each semester addressed to USD Faculty. If you would like a class visit, send an email with relevant course information: course name, class times, dates and location. You can request more than one class visit for multiple classes. A Coordinator will contact you to schedule your class visit.

Prompts and Guidelines

Feel free to send us prompts or writing guidelines of the papers your students are working on at any time in the semester. We provide a Faculty Binder with prompts and writing guidelines for students to view during their sessions. This way, student and tutor have a better understanding of the assignments and have an overall more productive hour.You may send hard copies to Deborah Sundmacher, c/o English Department, or email a Word file to Deborah Sundmacher.

Recommending Students

At mid-semester, Deborah Sundmacher sends out an email inviting all faculty members to recommend students with strong writing and interpersonal skills. Please respond to this email with names and emails of students you believe would make good tutors. Your recommendations help us maintain quality service and support for the entire USD community.

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