First Year Writing

The FYW learning outcomes acknowledge that ideas, evidence, research methods, organization, and style vary depending on writing context and that it is important to teach this by developing students’ discursive awareness.

With the new Core arriving in the Fall semester of 2017, the Writing Program will be offering First Year Writing (FYW) in place of the current ENGL 121, Composition and Literature.

FYW Fulfills the core curriculum requirement for lower-division Written Communication. The course develops skills in reading and critical analysis of multiple discourses. Students will develop writing within multiple discourses, and the transfer of those writing skills to multiple disciplines and occasions. Students will also practice the entire process of writing, from initial conception, through drafts, to revision and editing.

Lastly, students are encouraged to use the University of San Diego Writing Center, staffed by trained peer-tutors.

*Please note that First Year Writing must be taken in undergraduate student's first year of attending USD.