About the Writing Program

The University of San Diego is committed to fostering a vibrant culture of writing across our campus.  Engaging in the writing process is an indispensable form of sustained intellectual inquiry. USD believes that strong writing is both the cornerstone of a liberal arts education and an essential skill for success in all career paths. The Writing Program recognizes that different disciplinary communities draw on distinct practices, discourses, and genres of writing.  

This knowledge guides the Program in supporting the development of undergraduate writing throughout the Core Curriculum, from the First Year Writing course to advanced writing and research projects within majors across disciplines.  USD's commitment to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition means that we value writing and argument as indispensable tools for rational inquiry, as well as for the kind of thoughtful and ethical investigation that creates compassionate citizens.

Our courses foster analytical and critical thinking, develop compelling strategies of organization, and encourage revision as a crucial component of all writing. The Writing Program also hosts workshops to support faculty in all disciplines as they develop innovative approaches to the teaching of writing and research.

And, our dedicated Writing Center staff is trained to assist both graduate and undergraduate students with a wide range of projects at any stage of the writing process, and in multiple modalities. By supporting our students throughout their academic career, the USD Writing Program is committed to promoting their diverse talents by cultivating critical and creative forms of written expression.