Theology and Religious Studies Overview

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2020-2021, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on April 1, 2020. Access the catalog of record at

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is a diverse community of scholars who advance the teaching and study of religion with particular attention to fostering understanding of Catholic traditions. In support of the educational mission of the university and the furtherance of our own disciplines, we pursue excellence in scholarship. As a faculty that is multidisciplinary in both training and outlook, we bring a spirit of creativity and dialogue to bear on the exploration of religious meaning.

We are dedicated to our role in fulfilling the liberal arts goals of the core curriculum, and equally committed to fostering a vibrant cohort of majors and minors. By providing an intellectually rigorous program, we create opportunities for students to probe religion as a constitutive element of human experience and values, and to acquire skills for engaging diverse dimensions of religion with openness and respect.

All lower division courses in our program meet FTRI learning outcomes 1 & 2 in the core curriculum:

(1) Students will demonstrate a critical understanding of Christian traditions, including Catholic Christianity at a basic college level; OR students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of religious traditions with special attention to Catholic Christianity at an introductory level.

(2) Students will demonstrate a critical understanding of theory and method in biblical studies, Christian theology, or religious studies.

All upper division core courses meet FTRI learning outcome 3 in the core curriculum:

(3) Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of at least one religious tradition, foundational sacred text, or important historical or contemporary issue in the study of theology or religion.