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Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty Resources

Navigating THRS: Pointers for New Faculty

Using Copley Library as a Resource in Research (Dr. Colombo)

CAS Faculty and Staff Resources

THRS Course Proposal Guidelines (Curriculum Committee)

Core Curriculum & Resources

Core Curriculum Class Checklist

Registrar's Forms Page

USD Official "Communications Style Guide"

Center for Student Success

FAQ on Field Trip Liability Issues (Dr. Kirkley)

Banner 8 Waitlist Overview

Theology at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

Assessment (THRS full- and part-time faculty only. Click link to login via

Aeon THRS Faculty Web (THRS full-time faculty only)

*For tenure-track faculty only. Log on with your password; under "My Courses" click on "Dept. of Theology & Religious Studies."