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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Core Curriculum in Theology & Religious Studies

Under USD's Core Curriculum, each student is required to complete nine units (three courses) in Theology and Religious Studies, including at least three units at the upper division level.

Students should note that, since all upper division courses presuppose a foundation in Theology and Religious Studies, they will be expected to have completed at least one lower division course before enrolling in upper division courses. In addition, many upper division courses have prerequisites. Before registering for an upper division course, students should study the list of courses carefully to determine whether or not they have met those prerequisites.

In fulfilling the Core requirements in Theology and Religious Studies, the department encourages students to take a variety of courses in different subject areas, such as biblical studies, theology, and world religions.

Note for Transfer Students:

Students should be aware that the Core Curriculum requirement for Theology and Religious Studies may be affected by the number of credits transferred at entry to USD. A student entering USD at junior standing (60-90 units) needs only two THRS courses after entrance. A student entering at 90 credits or over is required to take only one THRS course after entrance.