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Theology and Religious Studies

THRS 112: World Religions in the United Kingdom

Instructor: Lance Nelson
Dates: June 27-July 20, 2013
Site: Queen Mary, University of London
Further Information & Enrollment: International Studies Abroad
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Among its other exciting features, London is a city of colorful religious diversity and thus an ideal place to explore the wide range of human religious experience.

We’ll start by discovering the ancient religions of Britain and the (somewhat) more recent Celtic and Roman experience. In the process, we’ll visit Stonehenge and the beautiful and historic city of Bath, as well as the famous university town of Oxford. We’ll look of course at Christianity and its fascinating, though often conflicted, history in England. Of great interest also will be Hinduism and Islam. Both traditions are well-represented in London by large and culturally rich immigrant communities, along with interesting neighborhoods, places of worship, and (not the least) restaurants.

Here's a short video (6 min.) slide show from the Intersession 2011 (SYE) session of this course:

Walking in fron of the Eagle & Child

The background audio for this video is the famous British hymn "Jerusalem," with lyrics by the great English poet, painter, and mystic, William Blake (1757-1827). Blake's words are pretty interesting!