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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Courses for Majors and Minors

The THRS 301, 450W, and 451W courses are special academic spaces for THRS majors and minors only. Worth checking out if you are either!

THRS 301 is offered each Fall Semester; 450W and 451W are offered every Spring.


Revelation, Tradition, and Culture

sec. 01 (CRN: 2722), TR 9:15am-10:35am, 3 units
Dr. Orlando Espín

All Christian traditioning assumes revelation as its core content. Revelation, however, is understood by mainstream Christians as God’s self-donation to humankind. This course will attempt to theologically understand how Christianity can claim to tradition God’s self-donation, without falsifying the ineffability of God and without ignoring the inescapable consequences of human cultures. Prerequisites: THRS 301 and declared major or minor in THRS.

Animality, Humanity, Divinity

sec. 01 (CRN: 2723), TR 4:00pm-5:20pm, 3 units
Dr. Aaron Gross

This course explores core ideas about animality, humanity, and divinity in at least three religious traditions including Christianity and at least one non-Western tradition. In addition to providing an opportunity to do advanced undergraduate work in the comparative history of religions students will also be introduced to the interdisciplinary field of animal studies. Prerequisites: THRS 301 and declared major or minor in THRS.

FALL 2014

THRS 301
Religion Café: Major/Minor Seminar

sec. TBA (CRN: TBA), Day & Time TBA, 3 units
Dr. Orlando Espín

Through the study of exemplary texts and presentations from invited Theology and Religious Studies faculty members, this seminar will introduce students to the various methodologies in the academic study of religion, as well as to the research interests of current faculty members in the department. This course will also address basic research methodologies, the use of the library and the internet, and the construction of a research paper. This seminar is required of all majors and is open to minors. The course should be taken as soon as possible following the declaration of the major. Prerequisite: THRS 110, 112, 114, 116, or 119, and declared major or minor in THRS.

Come to the Café! Explore questions such as what is religious studies? what is theology? what makes the people who study these fields so passionate about their work?