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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Daria Hollowell

Lecturer, Theology and Religious Studies

Daria Hollowell has been an adjunct faculty member at USD since September 2002, starting out in the Political Science department teaching International Relations, and then shifting to Theology and Religious Studies  in January 2004.  An alumna of USD’s Theology Department in Practical Theology (1990), Hollowell focuses on the department’s core course requirements of Introduction to Scripture and Foundations of Catholic Theology.

Hollowell came to USD after a 30-year career as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State.  Beginning in 1973, Hollowell served on three separate continents:  Asia (Hong Kong and Tokyo), Latin America (Mexico three times), and in Europe (Italy twice, Great Britain twice, and France), retiring from Florence, Italy as U.S. Consul General and U.S. Representative to the Republic of San Marino in 2002.  She is married to a retired naval officer and math teacher who accompanied her with their four children during moves with the State Department, settling in San Diego.

Postings in so many places were a lure and hook to an array of interests and concerns ranging from languages to archeology and a keen appreciation of history.  These elements combine to provide three-dimensionality to her course’s fascinating—and always applicable—texts and subject matter.  Hollowell hopes to enrich her students’ appreciation of the richness of having roots in issues that are not just minutes old.


M.A., University of San Diego, Practical Theology
M.A., Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
B.A. cum laude, University of California, Los Angeles; International Relations

Teaching Interests

After several classes in International Relations and one on the Middle East earlier in this turbulent decade while in the Political Science department, Hollowell thoroughly enjoys making the ancientNear East come alive through the subjects taught in the two core courses.  Using an inter-disciplinary approach to present scripture and biblical texts within their own turbulent times and concerns as reflected in both testaments’ stories and accounts, Hollowell teaches from the belief that much of the courses’ core concepts and insights will return to her students in later years when they are keen to rediscover a richer and fuller dimension to life in later circumstances.  She opines that the subject matter—Scripture and one’s faith life—resonate and acquire meaning as life’s events point to larger, over-arching meanings.  She hopes to keep students highly motivated and able to explore both reassuring and challenging ideas.