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Theatre Arts and Performance Studies


Auditions have been completed for the fall production season.

If you wish to participate in another way other than through performance, please complete the Tech Interest Sheet and drop off in Camino 163 for Nate Parde, Production Manager. Click here for the Technical Theatre Interest Sheet.

Audition Guide

This audition guide will provide you with 10 Quick Steps to a Successful Audition.

NOTE: Theatre Arts and Performance Studies practicum credits may no longer be deferred to another semester.





No further auditions scheduled at this time.


The three audition forms you will need to bring to your audition are:

Availability form

Audition Information form

Photo Publicity Release form

All three here: Complete the three required auditions forms.

Sign up for an audition time on the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Callboard outside of Camino 163, by the vending machines.

Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled audition time.

Conflicts (such as evening classes) must be listed on audition forms and will be taken into account during casting. Depending on your role, the commitment could be 1-6 days per week, 1-4 hours per day/night during the week, 1-5 hours on weekends. Rehearsals will be evenings Monday through Friday 6-10 PM, and Saturday 12-5 pm. Sunday will be a day off. Obviously, you must not have any conflicts during the performance dates of the fall productions, and no conflicts during tech week preferred. All actors are required to participate in strike as scheduled. You will be required to register for a Theatre Arts and Performance Studies practicum credit if you are cast.