Study Abroad Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is deeply committed to the awareness, appreciation, and respect for the complexity of cultural, political, environmental and social issues worldwide.

Global Engagement

College faculty are actively engaged in a community of international scholars who are working collaboratively to promote an understanding of world issues. Whether they are teaching or conducting research abroad, our faculty members are constantly developing the knowledge of those concepts and methods needed to better educate students in our increasingly diverse society.

Each year, more than one thousand students from the College of Arts and Sciences participate in international study abroad programs, field research, community service learning programs and ministry abroad. Overall, the university ranks second nationally in undergraduate study abroad participation.

Our students are ambassadors to the many cultures, races and ethnicities they represent. As our students become more globally conscious and socially aware, we anticipate they will possess the knowledge and skills that are necessary for successful interactions and connections to facilitate personal and professional growth.

For more information on studying abroad, visit USD's International Center.