Department of Sociology

Sociology is a vibrant discipline dedicated to examining relationships between individuals and the justice system, between the economy and a particular city, or between school districts.

The Department of Sociology is committed to furthering the promotion of social justice by combining social-science research methods with concepts of peace, social justice and community to provide students with the tools they need to critically analyze sociological theories.

Why Choose Sociology at USD?

With a degree in sociology, you'll gain valuable insights into the structures, policies and practices that can foster or inhibit group success. Be prepared for any career or profession that involves complex group dynamics, communication and data analysis.

Focus on Social Justice

USD provides students a program rooted in Catholic intellectual tradition and social justice. This ensures that students apply their knowledge in real-life applications and experience how they can impact a community and influence positive change.

Refine Research Skills

Researching skills can be transferred to any profession. In conjunction with your coursework, you'll gain practical knowledge as well as gain tangible experience that can bolster your resume.

Get Involved with the Community

See how your studies affect communities by networking and working alongside communities to address issues and present solutions. This provides insight to potential careers and is impressive to employers.

Advanced Research Environment

Faculty actively pursue their own research, and you'll have the opportunity to work alongside them on their projects. This presents co-publication opportunities as well as presentation and communication skills.

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