Psychological Sciences Research Club

The Psychological Sciences Research Club is a group of students committed to learning about current research in psychology and related fields. The purpose of this organization is to provide students with the ability to enhance professional skills by offering presentations on student-led research and informational programs. This ranges from presentations on independent student projects, informational presentations regarding career paths by university staff and graduate students, readings and discussions on academic journal articles, as well as presentations on research and/or applied experiences outside the University of San Diego. 

The meetings are informal and everyone is encouraged to participate with their own opinions and thoughts on articles and research. All members and attendees of the club are invited to submit suggestions for articles and topics of interest. The Psychological Sciences Research Club will benefit students who are interested in pursuing graduate study or a career in research, as well as students who are interested in psychology research. The club will also help to improve analytical skills and critical evaluation of research.

Psychology Journal Club Officers 


President: Linda Leija

Vice President: Matthew Chaffee

Secretary: Vanessa Kemeny

Treasurer: Haley Lecomte

Marketing Director: Ally Rahlwes

Philanthropy Chair: Elena Geiger

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Pearlberg 



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