Michael Harris Student Colloquium

The Department of Psychological Sciences is committed to supporting student undergraduate research. Part of that support includes hosting an undergraduate research colloquium each semester where students are invited to apply to present their research to faculty and their peers for constructive and reinforcing feedback.

Michael Harris attended USD (2008-12) and majored in Psychology. He was a smart, caring and inquisitive student. He got involved in research during his sophomore year working on an archival research project in sport psychology (Michael loved sports!). He presented the findings at a research conference (SPSP) and was a co-author on a peer-reviewed publication. He presented his work at our departmental colloquium. For all his hard work and dedication Michael won the "Outstanding Research Award for Graduating Seniors." Michael passed away in a boating accident in 2015. The departmental colloquium was named after Michael.

Participants in the colloquium receive recognition at the end of the year and have their names engraved on a plaque that is displayed in the departmental office.

Participants List for the Michael Harris Student Colloquium
Year Presenter
2003-04 Sarah Calisi, Andrea Boylan, and Kate Kirkpatrick; Elizabeth McDonald; Alisa Burpee
2004-05 Alexis Burns, Felicia Lerner, Krystal Clover, Carley Otto, Dean Scrivener; Scott Flynn; Leyla Meschi; Renee Provencher; Laura Hooch
2005-06 Lisa Holman; Daniel Valcazar and Monica Votaw; Erin Brown; Karla Torres and Kelly Goehring
2007-08 Chase Wagner, Brandye Combs, Morgan Wallace, Mindy Pressman and Allison Christian
2008-09 Allison Christian, Jennifer Feeley, Kimberely Welchons, Melinda Ehren, Jessica Swetin and Kristen Sexton
2009-10 Therese Kanda, Jennie Kuckertz, Kristina Levesque and Allison Wray
2010-11 Sydney Bennett, Elizabeth Thomson, Yliana Penalosa and Joann Weesing
2011-12 Meghan Naaf, Katherine Kupfer and Michael Harris
2012-13 Elise Turner, Carolina Belizzi, Mackenzie ENtrikin, Lindsay Colletti, Jessica Florez-Vazquez, Julian Leiro, Rosa Vessal and Monique Rico
2013-14 Jason Kowalczyk, Kelly Phan, Ashley King, Robert Albright, Mark Sheptock, Kacey Kim, Sarah Gragg and Emily Knuutinen
2014-15 Ingrid Filakousky, Jessica Ruiz and Sydney Olagaray
2016-17 Luke Muskett, Edward Fisher, Allison Knapp, Allysa Serceki, Rita Taylor, Yessica Green and Elly Berg 
2018-19 Elizabeth Petty, Roxanne Moghadam and Alex Unapanta