Student Travel Award for Research Application

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Project Information


Please describe your project in 300-500 words and include the following:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction/literature review
  3. Methods and Procedures
  4. Results/Findings
  5. Conclusions

Note: You may copy and paste your conference abstract if the above guidelines are met. Please conform to the abstract word limit.

Conference Information

Budget Estimation
  • Provide a detailed budget of estimated travel expenses (including if applicable, airfare, lodging, conference registration fee, public transportation, parking, etc.).
  • Indicate other sources of travel support funding at USD that you have applied for, received funding for, or are intending to apply to. Indicate funding amount applied for or received.

Faculty Letter of Recommendation
Please provide the following information for your chosen faculty member:

Faculty recommenders should submit their letters directly as an email attachment to the Executive Assistant, Monique Aguirre ( with the subject heading: [Student Name]/[Faculty Name] – STAR Letter. There is no word limit to the faculty letters. It is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate with his/her faculty recommender in advance of the proposal deadline to ensure they are willing to write the letter and know the deadline.