2020 Creative Collaborations

The 30th Annual Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Research Conference

To reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus the 30th Annual Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Research Conference was moved to an online setting. The virtual conference featured students' posters and presentations of their research. 

  • Pharmaceutical Effects of Ketamine on Rat Performance in the Traveling Salesperson Task
  • Red Shirt Color has no Effect on Winning in the English Premier League
  • Effects of Temporal Delay on Memory
  • Hydra Hunters: Community Outreach and Exploration with Citizen Science
  • Associations between Parenting Style and Five-Factor Personality Traits
  • Effect of Hippocampal Infused DREADDs on the Traveling Salesman Problem in Rats
  • Soccer Fandom Impacting Hiring Decisions
  • Differences in Undergraduate Drinking Motives and Alcohol Involvement as Influenced by Gender and Neuroticism
  • Approaches to Studying Neural Regeneration in Hydra
  • The Accuracy of Undergraduates' Memory of the Columbine School Shooting
  • Effects of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Lesions in Rats on the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Impact of Religiosity on Prosocial Behavior
  • Role of the hippocampus and medial entorhinal cortex in discriminating elapsed time duration in rats
  • Perceptions and Misperceptions: College Students with Down Syndrome
  • The Effect of Ethanol on Zebrafish Behavior
  • Committing to College Readiness from Middle School and Beyond: A Case Study of a College Preparatory Middle School
  • Perceptions of Female Candidates for Promotion: Who Do We Hire?
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Instagram Appearance Anxiety and Related Constructs
  • Morenas en España: The Experience of College Age Black Women in Spain