2018 Creative Collaborations

The 28th Annual Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Research Conference

Students in the Psychological Sciences Department participated in the 28th Annual Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Research Conference. From researching the nutrional effect on adult neurogenesis to analyzing the effects of neuroticism and gender on heavy drinking, students and research mentors sought to enhance their understanding of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. 

2018 Undergraduate Research Conference Abstract Book     


creative collaborations students and faculty

  • Role of The Medial Entorhinal Cortex in Object Sequence Learning in Rats
  • Veteran Survey
  • The Effects of Using Social Media on Psychology 101 Students at USD
  • The Effects of Power and Empathy on Attitudes Toward Healthcare
  • Octopaminergic Sleep Regulation in Drosophila
  • The Effects of Neuroticism and Gender on Heavy Drinking
  • Perceptions of Mental Health Risks of Non Dominant Partners
  • Supremacy of Auditory Versus Visual Input in Empathic Arousal
  • Race and Religion as Moderators of Perceived Friendliness
  • Partial Hippocampal Lesions in Rats on the TSP
  • DA Modulation of Sleep is Independent of Feeding in Drosophila
  • The Role of Timing in Fear Conditioning in Zebrafish
  • Operationalizing Autonomy Supportive Parenting
  • The Relationship Between Hunger and Courtship Behaviors in Drosophila
  • Emotional Pain and Belonging Following Rejection
  • Video Games as an Intervention in Cerebral Palsy
  • Client Engagement Challenges in Community Mental Health Settings
  • A Review of the Nutritional Effects on Adult Neurogenesis
  • Multiple Memory Systems During Spatial Alternation Task in the Rat
  • Parent-Child Cultural Mismatch and Evaluating Functional Impairment
  • Macrophage Function in the DIPG Tumor Microenvironment