2015 Creative Collaborations

Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience majors closely collaborated with faculty research mentors to present sound research at USD's Creative Collaborations Research Conference. 

2015 Undergraduate Research Conference Abstract Book

  • ASD is Defined By Social, Emotional and Learning Deficits
  • Personality and Happiness
  • Dopamine Modulation of Decision Making in Drosophila Melanogaster
  • Study of Parent’s Perceptions of Their Preschooler’s Screen Media Usage
  • San Diego County’s Forensic Psychiatry Clinic Internship
  • Underdog vs. Top-dog: Testing the Concepts Utilizing the Semantic Differential Technique
  • Support for the Underdog Brand When Sampling Commercial Products
  • Gender Performance in the NCAA Rifle Championships: Where is the Gap?
  • Level of Social Support Affects the Negative Emotional Outcomes of Rejection
  • Mediating Variables of Stress Hormones in College Students
  • The Effects of Cell Phone Conversations on the Attention and Memory of Bystanders
  • Student Demographics, Stress and Mediating Psychological Variables: A Proposal