Social Science Teaching Credential

Students wishing to earn a Social Science Teaching Credential may do so while completing a major in Political Science. The specific requirements for the teaching credential differ from general requirements for the Political Science major.

Political Science/International Relations Research Seminar: Political Science majors have the option of taking a Political Science or International Relations Research Seminar, offered each Fall. This will help students to conduct research and write scholarly papers on a variety of American, international, and/or comparative political topics.

  • All Honors Students who are Political Science majors are required to enroll in the Research Seminar the semester before their Honors Thesis seminar.
  • All Political Science majors who plan to go on to graduate school are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Research Seminar during their junior or senior year.
  • All students who would like to write a senior thesis, or who want to conduct independent research in political science, should enroll in the Research Seminar in lieu of independent study.

Note: For graduate courses in International Relations, see the Graduate Bulletin.

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