Learning Outcomes

International Relations Learning Outcomes and Goals

Goal 1: Engagement in Politics. It is our goal that International Relations students are prepared for active citizenship and demonstrate an ongoing interest in national and global politics

  • LO1: Political Efficacy and Active Citizenship: Students will demonstrate a sense of political agency and be able to identify the specific ways in which an individual can participate meaningfully in politics.

GOAL 2 – Critical Thinking and Writing:  IR students will graduate with the ability to think critically about political concepts and systems.  It is our goal that International Relations students will demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge of politics by using the major analytic and theoretical frameworks in Comparative Politics and International Relations. 

  • LO2: Analysis and Expression. Students will demonstrate the ability to construct and evaluate analytical arguments and write clear logical prose.

GOAL 3 - Substantive Knowledge:  International Relations students will students will graduate with substantive knowledge of institutions, processes and values that shape politics within and among states, and the major theories, concepts, foundations, and methodologies used in the study of politics and international relations.

  • LO3: Knowledge. Students will be able to identify the structure and operations of the U.S. and other political systems, and to define and apply concepts and theories in political science and international relations.