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Department of

Political Science and International Relations


Minor in Political Science

Political Science 100, 120, and 150 OR 170 (as prerequisites), and nine upper division units.

Minor in International Relations

Political Science 150, 170, and either 350 or 370 or 380, plus nine additional upper division units selected in consultation with an advisor from the Political Science faculty.

Social Science Teaching Credential

The Social Science Teaching Credential Students wishing to earn a Social Science Teaching Credential may do so while completing a major in Political Science. The specific requirements for the teaching credential differ from general requirements for the Political Science major. Students interested in pursuing a Social Science Teaching Credential should contact Kathy Estey, Credential Program Specialist at (619) 260-4159 or  

Political Science/International Relations Research Seminar:  Political Science majors have the option of taking a Political Science or International Relations Research Seminar, offered each Fall.  This will help students to conduct research and write scholarly papers on a variety of American, international, and/or comparative political topics.

  • All Honors Students who are Political Science majors are required to enroll in the Research Seminar the semester before their Honors Thesis seminar.
  • All Political Science majors who plan to go on to graduate school are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Research Seminar during their junior or senior year.
  • All students who would like to write a senior thesis, or who want to conduct independent research in political science, should enroll in the Research Seminar in lieu of independent study.

Note: For graduate courses in International Relations, see the Graduate Bulletin or click here.