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Physics and Biophysics


A minor in Physics is a strong compliment to any major, and demonstrates strength in both critical and analytical thinking. Students interested in the Physics minor are strongly encouraged to work with one of the department’s faculty to determine the course of study most suited to his or her needs.

Requirements for the Physics Minor

Lower-division course required for the physics minor include either

  • Physics 270 – Introduction to Mechanics and Waves
  • Physics 271 – Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics 272/272L – Introduction to Modern Physics (with lab)


  • Physics 136 – General Physics I
  • Physics 137 – General Physics II
  • Physics 272/272L – Introduction to Modern Physics (with lab)

Please note that 270, 271, 136 and 137 all have an integrated laboratory component, while 272/272L are registered for as separate courses.

In addition to the lower-division preparation, student must complete 6 units of upper-division physics at the 300 or 400 level. In exceptional circumstances an additional upper-division physics unit may be substituted for PHYS 272L.